• How to eat for your big o’l frame… no more rabbit food homie – Big Dogs Eat BIG
  • Why those stupid-ass bodybuilding workouts might actually be holding you back from getting bigger and more muscular
  • A nasty lil trick to get rid of your gut… it’s crazy quick and easy
  • The exact workouts Mag passed on to me… these are the same workouts the crew did after every single shift… they ain’t pretty but they work
  • How to eat big and have it go to your muscles rather than your spare tire
  • My personal favorite style of conditioning… I used this shit after I tore my back up… it damn near brought me back to life
  • How to get arms so big you’ll have to cut off your sleeves like a bad ass
  • New ways to hit your abs so that beer belly turns into a titanium keg
  • A sneaky lil technique to look EVEN bigger… This probably kept me outta more fights than anything else I’ve learned
  • How you should be training if you are a naturally bigger man… the magazines never touch on this
  • and much, much more




P.S. If $29 is keeping you from getting becoming the biggest, baddest version of yourself ain’t no program in the world gonna work for you

P.P.S. There is nuthin to think about, if it ain’t what you are lookin for, I’ll gladly refund your investment so you can put it toward something more your speed… like figure skating


Teiko “The Enforcer” Reindorf