Former Bouncer turned Strength Coach Reveals…

  • The true basis of generating explosive athletic power… it’s not what you’ve been taught to believe.
  • How to develop powerhouse strength by throwing a few add-on exercises to the end of your workouts.
  • A ancient technique used to teach your body to explode into ACTION each time it’s called upon to perform
  • A simple trick to tap into the explosive potential of your nervous system to make you frighteningly strong .
  • The 3-most important areas of your body YOU MUST TRAIN if you want to bowl other people over.
  • The key to fostering Rooted strength… Once you know this even the most fearsome opponent will have a hard time pushing you around.
  • A two minute exercise you can do before each workout to make your nervous system react like a ticking, time-bomb.
  • A simple way to conquer, complex exercises used by world class Olympic level athletes, quickly
  • How to develop knockout power without throwing a single punch
  • A rare-breed of training that actually has a functional carryover to sports
  • and much, much more…

Frequently Asked Questions About The New Power Look

Q: I workout from home will I be able to do The New Power Look Workouts?

A: Yes, In fact you mind find that training from home is an advantage when performing some of the exercises in The New Power Look. Some of the movements are done at such a rapid clip that you would find it hard to move from movement to movement in a traditional gym… without someone stealing your equipment.

Q: I am new to weight training can I still use The New Power Look

A: Definitely, The New Power Look was created for those looking to revamp their approach to training and do away with some of the nasty habits they may have picked up from years of bodybuilding style training – it may serve you even better as a beginner who hasn’t developed any bad habits.

Q: What if the New Power Look Doesn’t Work for Me?

A: Dude, I am freakin positive that you will get bigger, stronger and more powerful when you use the techniques contained within The New Power Look but… in the odd case it doesn’t jive with your body, simply shoot me an email within 60-days of receiving your copy and I will shoot you back your full investment… no questions asked


Q: How long will it take for me to get my hands on The New Power Look, once I order it?

A: The New Power Look is a digitally delivered product, meaning within minutes of completing your order you will be granted access to the complete system.

Q: How long will it take before I see results with The New Power Look?

A: By following the system laid out in the manual you will see results immediately. Most people who have gone through the New Power Look program see drastic jumps in raw power within the first week – how’s that for delivering on a promise?